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Sifu Kong started studying martial arts when he was 6 years old in his native Hong Kong. Two years later, he began studying Hung Gar with Lam Jo, providing a direct link to the origins of Hung Gar and to the famous Wong Fei ­Hung, popularized in such movies as Drunken Master and Once Upon a Time in China. In his teenage years, Kong moved to Hawaii with his parents and continued to practice Kung Fu tirelessly. By 1961, he became an American citizen and was drafted into the army where he taught hand to hand combat to U.S. soldiers in Korea. Returning to civilian life in 1963, Kong opened his first school in Hawaii and became one of the first to teach traditional Kung Fu to non-Chinese practitioners.

In 1977, Kong moved to Los Angeles with his wife Nancy and three children, Andrew, Angela and Annice and opened his school in Hollywood. His students have gone on to continue Kong's teachings and today his Siu Lum Pai Association spans from the original school in Hawaii to Los Angeles, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Mexico and Germany. Kong travels continuously to teach his art to students of the Sui Lum Pai Kung Fu Association Schools worldwide. Kong has been featured in the magazines of Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu and Karate Illustrated . In 1974, he was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame. Belt Hall of Fame.