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Established Since 1963

4239 Maray Drive Rockford, IL  61107 815-540-9375

Taught by Sifu Dr. Andrew Kong, son of world famous Pioneer and black belt hall of fame, Buck Sam Kong


Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm to 7:30pm Beginner Adults Class
7:30pm - 915pm Adult Class     

   *Hung-Gar (balance between hard/soft, long/close range)   

   *Choi Lei Fut: Kicking; circular and long arm techniques; strong stances with influences of 5 animals.

GAIN: Discipline, focus in life, respect, confidence, culture, tradition.

LEARN: Self-defense, weapons and tournament fighting.


Kong's Siu Pai Program

Beginner Level  (Phase 1)

01. Lau Gar Kuen (Lau Family Set)

02. Siu Mui Fah Kuen (Plum Flower Fist Set)

03. Siu Mui Fah Kuen Doy Dar (Plum Flower Sparring Set)

04. Ching Nin Kuen Doy Dar (Youth Fist Sparring Set)

05. Ching Nin Kuen Doy Dar (Youth Fist Sparring Set)

06. Fu Mei Darn Dou (Broad Sword Set)

Intermediate Level  (Phase 2)

07. Sam Ying Kuen (Snake, Cat, Crane Set)

08. Sup Ji Kau Dar Kuen (Cross Pattern Set)

09. Kung Ji Fook Fu Kuen (Luring the Tiger Set)

10. Hung Je Kwun (Monkey Staff Set)

11. Fu Hok Sheong Yin Kuen (Tiger & Crane Sparring Set)

12. Fu Hok Doy Dar. (Tiger & Crane Sparring Set)

Advanced Level  (Phase 3)

13. Fo Chin Kuen (Praying Mantis/Monkey Set)

14. Hung Jeh Kwun Doy Dar (Staff/Sparring)

15. Lahn Moon Chai Dai Dou (Kuan's Blade)

16. Hoong Sao Fook Sheong Dou (Hand vs. Daggers)

17. Mui Fah Sup Sam Cheong (Spear)

18. Dai Pah (Trident)

Graduate Level

Advanced hand, weapon and weapon sparring sets are randomly taught to members who have completed the first 18 sets.

Certificates are locally awarded upon completion of sets.  (The Policy varies depending upon where you train).  Members who wish to receive a certificate of achievement (In Chinese characters) from Master Kong, may do so at the end of phases1,2 and 3.  A formal examination is required for nationally issued certificates.

Kung Fu Training

Solo Sets:  Numbers 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11,1 3

Blocking, evading, punching and kicking...These basic techniques of self defense are combined in logical sequences to from "Kuen" (fist sets), the formal exercises of kung fu training.  These sets were developed by ancient masters through long training and real life experiences.

Our sets can be divided into two groups.  One group emphasizes power and stability, such as our "Hung Gar" sets.  The other group exhibits speed and mobility.  This is typical of our "Choy Li Fut" style sets.

Since form training contains all the elements necessary for exercising the whole body, they are ideal for keeping physically fit.  Anyone can do form training in accordance with their physical abilities and regardless of age.

Matching Sets:  Numbers 3, 5, 12

Matching sets teach you how to use the techniques found in solo sets with a training partner.  Sets are like an encyclopedia of knowledge.  They enable us to retain the knowledge of the past, practice it today and pass it on to future generations.

Weapon Sets:  Numbers 6, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Kung Fu weaponry distinguishes the Chinese system from other schools.  Weapons taught in our 3-phase program include the sword, staff, spear, daggers, halberd and trident.

Technique Practice:

The set can be broken down so that the individual techniques can be practiced and better understood.  Techniques can be practiced in different frames of mind; classical usage, criminal attack situations, or sport (controlled sparring).

Tournament Sparring:

Optional for adults & teens.  Tournament training toughens the mind & body, learn sparring techniques, fighting strategy.

Lion Dancing:

An ancient Chinese folk dance that symbolized happiness and good luck.  It is performed by kung fu practitioners during Chinese holidays, parties and cultural events.